FinTak is the new green product line for food packaging developed by Eurocell.
Compostable packaging that stands out for its transparency and shine. FinTak products are not only safe and resistant but also customizable.
Thanks to
NatureFlex™, bags and burger discs can be disposed of as organic waste.

bottom bags

Designed for packaging pasta, cookies, dried fruit and chocolate.
The block-bottom bags offer optimal resistance to fats and oils, as well as an elevated barrier to aromas and oxygen.


Our burger discs, made of NatureFlex™, preserve the organoleptic properties of food and are tailored for the storage of meat, fish and vegetable burgers.

sealed bags

Intended for packaging flour, rice and much more. Our bags, thanks to heat-sealing, offer an excellent barrier against external agents and preserve the qualities of food for an extended period.

Certified sustainability

FinTak products have received the product Carbon Footprint certification, in compliance with the international standard UNI EN ISO 14067:2018.

The block-bottom bags are guaranteed as compostable in an industrial composting facility.

Heat-sealed bags and burger discs are certified as compostable in a home composter.

Why choose FinTak products?


Bags and discs are certified as compostable and can be disposed of together with organic waste.


You can dispose of the packages directly into the organic waste bin, together with crumbs or food residues that are difficult to eliminate.


With FinTak packaging you are choosing an ecological and sustainable alternative to plastic for food storage.


FinTak products are suitable for contact with food. Guaranteeing the preservation of all organoleptic properties.

Eurocell: food packaging since 1988

Behind the new compostable FinTak product line lies the experience of Eurocell, a company specialized in the production of food packaging.

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